Friday, March 6, 2009


first, i would like to announce that i added another link to my last post about the breast cancer award badge. guido at Atlantic Lines sent me the link to Lahoma's journal. she passed Christmas of 2007, but she lives on in her journal, and in our hearts. to be inspired by a woman with a lot of grit, go to that entry and check out her journal.

now, the following is a poem written by Sharon Frye, a new acquaintance from the new poetry club i joined. i have read hundreds of poems on the new site, and many have touched me in many ways. but, though short, this little poem packs a wallop. so much said in so few words. this is exactly how i have felt the last few days, and i don't see any let up. i have Sharon's permission to share this with those who still read my journal.


God only knows why I’m down here

In this darkened and horrible place,

Swallowed by the whale of depression

And longing for light on my face

I’m down in this pit of a belly-

Of a monster so giant and vast,

If I can crawl up thru the bile

I’ll hang onto something that lasts.

I’m tossed thru the waves by this monster

And spit out in the sea for a spell

Then swallowed and gulped like a rag doll

Back into the caverns of hell.

(by Sharon Frye)



Sybil said...

That sure is a powerful poem. I am so lucky never to have suffered a real depression at least one that lasted long..but can synmpathise with all who do. There is so little others can do to help other be there alongside for the times that they are needed.
Take care,
Much Love Sybil xx

Lori said...

What a powerful poem! I have been there, though not in a long time, and I am so sorry that you have been there recently. Please take care, and hang in there.