Wednesday, March 4, 2009


first, some pics of my house in the snowstorm........

those who have been with me for awhile will recall my crazy downstairs neighbor. she is an alcoholic, smoker, and toker. she stole from me a year or so ago, and though i have forgiven her, i haven't forgotten it. i have often wondered if she would stick around much longer. ok, i even wished she would move.

over the last few months she has spoken to me more often. she even asked for my phone number so that she could call me when something bad was happening. a man was breaking into houses in our area, and the police posted pictures of the man all over town, so she was afraid he would come after us.

yesterday she asked me some questions. walked all the way up my steps and knocked on my bedroom door. i was in the bed, um, unclothed, and sleeping. i awoke with a start and told her to hold on. i dressed and went out into the hallway to talk to her.

she asked me how far i had ever gotten behind on my rent. i couldn't remember, but told her i thought it was one whole month behind. she then told me that she had lost her job with the realty company (which wasn't much anyway, but still a job) and she was behind on half her rent. the landlord had told her that she had till friday of this week to come up with the full amount of the arrears, and then the full month's rent for this month was due a week later. we talked about what her options were, and they are pretty much like mine were when i was having trouble paying my rent on time. she says she can move in with her daughter, but her daughter is quite moody and currently lives with her boyfriend and her 2 children. my neighbor is a lot like me in that she cannot get a place that requires a credit check because of bad credit. that is one of the main reasons i have been putting up with the bully of a landlord and the heat and cold in winter and summer. i could never get a place with my credit for as cheap as i live here. so i just deal with the mayor/landlord.

my neighbor later said that she had gotten her gas bill for this month and even though she freezes most of the time downstairs, her bill was $180. she said the landlord had put the bill on her door 2 weeks ago and she never paid it. mmmmm, that means it was the first bill we both got, mine was for $98 for 2 months. hers was almost double............geeze. i told her that that wasn't this month's bill, it was the first bill. which means.......she has to come up with $250 by this friday, as well as $180 for the first 2 month's gas bill, plus a week later, $500 for her rent for this month. yep, i would say she is in trouble. she said she was going to take a couple of days to think about what she wanted to do, and not act in haste. yet, when i went out today i noticed there were 3 boxes on the front porch with a stack of small newspapers. so i guess she is going to move. i really cannot see that she has any choice, but hey, i went through the exact same thing and by the grace of God, i am still here.

i actually feel very sorry for her. i even offered to ask my assistant director at work if they could help with her rent. but that was before i found out she still owed last month's gas and the 2 months before. there is no way we could pay that much out to her. the average is $100-$200 per person per month.

so, though we have had some words and have fallen out a few times with each other, i will be sad to see her go. after all, we were starting to bond again. i wish her the best and hope she finds somewhere to live that makes her happy.

i went to work on monday. i even called my boss on his cell phone at 7 am to ask if we were going to be open, and he said yes. but when the YO and i were the only ones besides DD to show up, and the big boss called and wanted to know why we were open, DD came around and told us we were closing. we had a store full of customers, and DD asked them to go ahead and finish up shopping, but that we were fixing to close. i worked from 9 am till 10:35 am and DD said since i came in and was working even on a bad snow day, he would sign me off at noon. so i will get paid for 3 hours work, when i actually only worked 1.5 hours. good boss. i was already scheduled off on tuesday.

i guess i should close for now. i am tired, my neck hurts, my head hurts, i am coughing, and i have to work tomorrow.



Sybil said...

Is'nt it strange how things work out, at one time you could never have imagined your self speaking to you downstairs neighbour...It is so sad when anyone gets themselves into such a mess, and even if she does leave the debt will still go with her as the "Mayor" will still want his moeny whether he deserves it or not..I will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers as I always do with you...Hoep the snow goes soon, this winter seems to have lasted so long..We even have a wee bit snow here this morning.
Love Sybil xx

Cindi said...

stop by I've given you an award...CONGRATS!!!!! YOU DID GREAT!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Congratulation on your award. I hate to hear of anyone out on the streets due to non payment. You'd think during times like this the landlord could bend alittle. Hoping she finds happiness soon. Take care,

Nelishia said...

Personally I am glad she is leaving because the way you described her reminds me of the movie SINGLE WHITE FEMALE. I never felt 'safe' with her there around you because of her thievery. I am sorry she is having trouble and all the stress she is feeling right now because I know of it. In hindsite, she'd have done better to ask for help before it became this much of a crisis.
I'm glad you got paid for three hours and it does sound like you've got a good boss.

We received ZERO snow up here. That was a pretty picture of you home.


Indigo said...

The sad part is what's happening with your neighbor is going to be the sign of the times. Like you I hope she finds somewhere comfortable to lay her head at night. Your boss came through with the extra hour and a half. (Hugs)Indigo

Paula said...

Always enjoy seeing the house where you live. Hope you get a good new neighbor when it is rented again.