Saturday, December 10, 2011

A NEW HOLIDAY ATTITUDE? (a small rant and some advice)

i went out to walmart tonight, to pick up prescriptions, Christmas cards, a phone card, and a gift card. i had already set my mind to having a good attitude because 1) i was afraid because i don't drive at night due to night blindness 2) i knew there would be hoards of people in the store 2) things would be picked over this close to Christmas 3) and last but not least, having a good attitude when in public is how i can be the best example to others. over the past year, my visits to the pharmacy in walmart haven't been pleasant. i have had problems of all sorts with the staff in there, so was expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. the girl who waited on me was chipper, and had a great attitude. she made my night......while i waited on my prescription, i shopped for the other items i came for. the store was busy but not overly crowded. i found an abundance of items i needed, instead of the scarcity i expected. i went back to the pharmacy to pick up my medication and to pay for all my items. after checking out, i realized i hadn't purchased the gift card. so i got one, got back in line and was in and out of that line in mere minutes, and the clerk was pleasant enough. i got into my vehicle, started out of the lane, and started to turn into the flow of traffic in the main lane in front of the store when someone with a buggy crossed in front of me, leaving me halfway into the lane of store traffic. i waited patiently for the couple to cross, but an explorer came flying to my driver's side, and laid on the horn...........ok, i was already in the lane before he even got near me, so actually, i had the right of way. where was that Christmas spirit? so i rolled down my window (his was already down) and as he shot me a bird.....i yelled out to him "have a wonderful Christmas my friend, and may God richly bless you and yours". he probably didn't give a dang what i said....but i felt better. i got back out on the main road and stopped at bojangles to get fried chicken for supper. went in, was told the breasts would take 5 minutes, so i said i would wait. it was already dark anyway, and that was my biggest fear....driving after dark. the chicken came up in about 5 minutes, and the girl in the drive-through window lined up 11 boxes and started filling them from the new batch of chicken. i thought maybe one of those was mine. nope. so i went up and told them i had been waiting almost 15 minutes, and the chicken i had been waiting for was being used for the drive through. all the tickets were jumbled up, and my ticket was over by the cash register, never having even been put in the line of order. the guy making biscuits apologized (and it wasn't even his fault) and finally, i got my order and turned to get my free iced tea. after i walked all the way to the exit to get my tea, it was out. so i had to walk back and ask them for some from behind the counter. a young woman had been in line as i went back for my tea, and was on her cell phone, but was also yelling across the line of employees at the counter, to the guy who was frying the chicken. she asked him if he was going to church in the morning. he said yes, he would bring his mother and see her there. she, in turn, said she expected him there for they were having their program. she was dressed professionally, was very attractive, around 25 or so, and i was happy she was mentioning church. i love to see young people going to church. she proceeded toward the door ahead of me, and was walking very slow, talking on her cell still. i patiently walked behind her, even though i was tired, and hungry, and had already waited almost 30 minutes. she stopped right in front of the tea/straw/fork/napkin stand, turned her back to the stand, and just stood there, talking on her phone. i said "excuse me please" and she jumped and spun around, backed up, and i reached up and got my straws. i turned to thank her, and she said to the person on the phone "some white b*tch just knocked me down to get in front of me". i shook my head and went on through the door. but then she started yelling obscenities AT me, as i was going to my car. she was still half in the store, where there were children, and she was supposed to be a church-goer.....i told her i was truly glad she was going to church in the morning, for her soul needed as much help as it could get, and that i would pray for her and her soul. she yelled more profanities, and i said "wow, i bet God really loves to hear that". she used the MF words, told me F-you, and turned completely ghetto on me. goes to show two things.....can't judge a book by its cover, and just because you attend church doesn't make you a good Christian, or even a Christian period. she tried to hit my car with her door, but i flooded the gas and flew backwards, afraid if she got into her car, she would follow me and possibly even shoot me. least this time of year, be nice to people. times are hard, people are on edge. tempers flare easily and quickly. pray for these people who think they are safe from the hell fires, but who are only playing church. and evaluate yourself, and your own attitudes toward others. i could have let this get out of hand, and had a stroke standing there arguing and fighting with this woman. she wasn't worth losing my cool over. i wanted to hug her and tell her there is a better way than being angry and eager to attack others. it was as if she was looking for a fight. and i started to give her one, but i didn't. i used prayer and kinder words, which, unfortunately, fell on deaf ears. thanks for listening to my sorta rant.



Sybil said...

Sorry I havn't been comenting lately..not been reading all my lovely friends blogs. sinse my wee dog Dee died I have found myself in a kind of waste land and finding it hard to get going again..Reading your blog tonight has been lovely. Have a great week and a very blessed Christmas
Love Sybil xx

salemslot9 said...

that chick was
totally out of line
and it's sad
that you were
in her line of fire

Happy Christmas