Thursday, November 24, 2011


dishes are everywhere, the kitchen's a mess

the roast sits in my tummy, trying to digest

we didn't have turkey so we wouldn't want to sleep

but we are so full of potatoes and gravy we want to weep

instead of loosening the buttons and the belt

we chose to eat half naked so no pressure was felt

thank goodness it was only the two of us here

for after this meal no one would want to be near

now if only the dish fairy would hurry up and come

i can't do them myself for my body's too numb

the cats are pure worthless, not helpful at all

they are laying out flat, in the middle of the hall

i hope everyone out there had a great time today

now it is time for me....down to lay



ADB said...

Hope you've digested and done the dishes by now, Regina lol

Lori said...

Very good!