Thursday, April 9, 2009


my friends, i have missed you. i haven't had a wifi signal in the last few days, so have been unable to comment, post or read. i have a decent signal tonight, so will attempt a post.

there is no way i will be able to catch up on reading blogs. i will pick up anew and start reading from now. that is, if i continue to have a wifi signal.

life has been good to me, other than the pollen. i have yellow filled lungs.

work is same ole same ole. i have met several new friends on the poetry site that i stay in contact with via phone.

i have 4 cats now that i feed outside, whitey, tommy, gray, and fluffy. i fixed them a really big crockpot full of chicken thigh tenders, and they all love me, for now, lol.

my downstairs neighbor is still moving out. she was supposed to be out last sunday by midnight, but she is still moving boxes out and a few pieces of furniture. i am actually going to miss her now. we have become a little closer since she has had to move. i guess having to eat her words humbled her a little. she has been giving me items that she doesn't want to take, mostly little things, but what i don't want i will either freecycle or take to work.

something happened recently that sorta unnerved me. my daughter's boyfriend somehow found my blog link and read a post about him and my daughter. he showed it to her and she proceeded to read the whole blog, all 111 entries. she seems a bit miffed at me, but i went back and read them all and didn't see any that would really be bad for her to read. she didn't like the fact i used her pics on my sidebar, but i am proud of her and want to show her off.

i said all that to say this...........MY BABY GIRL HAS BOUGHT HER FIRST HOUSE....AT AGE 23. i was a little older when i bought my first place. but i am really so proud of her. she makes almost 3 times what i do, and now is buying a house. atta girl!!

well, i probably have much more to tell, but my sleepy eyes and groggy brain won't let me think. so i am going to attempt to post this and go to bed.

take care and if i don't get back online before then, have a HAPPY EASTER.



ADB said...

Good to see you posting, Regina. Have a good Easter yourself, and well done to your daughter for getting her first house.

Nelishia said...

It's that age group that is so offensive so I think she's still maturing even though she is able to make enough money to buy her first home. What an amazing young woman you've raised. That is fantastic. I'm glad your crazy neighbor is leaving and is feeling good enough to give you some things. Pain and suffering payment I'd say. I'm glad for your connections through the poetry site too. Very happy for you. I had my family find me blog on AOL years ago and read the entire thing and hate me for years and years. But that had little to do with the blog so I digress. Sorry.
Have a very Happy Easter.

Sybil said...

Hi Regina, sorry for delay in responding however Mary and I just got back yesterday from our few days away. I am so happy for you that your daughter has got her house..very rave in the situation we are in these days...I do hope she will forgive ou for whatever she thought you were not supposed to be writing about her !!
Have a lovely EASTER WEEKEND..
God Bless,
LOve Sybil xx

Paula said...

Must be very frustrating not tbe able to get on your computer when you want to. Good to hear from you. Give those sweet kitties a pat.

ADB said...

Hello Regina,
Just checking through blogs and noticing you didn't post for about 6-7 weeks. I hope all is well, and that a lack of wifi signal is keeping you from posting.