Monday, May 28, 2012



Fire in your blood, wanting to serve

ripped from your surroundings and thrust into battle

you surprise yourself that you even have the nerve

never knowing when you will hear your own death rattle


many return home, whole in body, dead in spirit

some return in a box, while families mourn

some wanting to return, others not wanting to go near it

joy abounds in many homes, while others' hearts are torn


everyone's life is changed, when a soldier fights our wars

we are free to live as we choose because someone was brave

they went into battle, brave to their cores

but in the end, bravery wasn't enough, and their lives they gave


so i thank you, soldier, those dead and alive

for going forth to defend our freedom and homeland

your bravery has kept me from having to deprive

my children of a life worthy of them taking their own stand.



to those who survived, may peace follow you throughout the rest of your life

to the families of those who did not survive, may peace find its way into your hearts

but most of all......THANK YOU.



Oral Coral said...

Beautiful! I'm following you now and recommending your blog to a friend. How did you get the sound of the storm?

REGINA said...

oral coral, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. as for the thunder storm, i went to my bing search bar and just typed in SOUNDS OF THUNDER STORMS, and whatever came up, i went through, found the best one and then added it to the playlist i have on my page. i also have haunting classical music on there for anyone who spends more than a minute or two on my blog. again, thank you.