Sunday, February 5, 2012

 ok, i just did something really stupid.....i had made some snickerdoodles a few days ago, and there were a bunch of crumbs left in the ziploc bag, and I WANTED THEM. ok, so i think..(my first mistake)...what is the best way to accomplish this TASK? of course, i should have gotten out a bowl and dumped them in and got a spoon and scooped them out....but noooooo....i didn't want another dish to i tried dumping them into my mouth from the top of the bag.....but immediately ceased that action as the crumbs approached the opening with a fierce ferocity. so, i put brain in high gear (stripped all the lower gears in the process) and decided to snip the corner of the bag, put the little hole in the bag over my mouth (hole was supposed to be smaller than mouth) and i tapped the bag to empty the contents into my waiting mouth........what could possibly go wrong? well, it has been about 30 minutes since the attempt was made, and i am still trying to get all the little itsy bitsy crumbs out of my nasal cavity. brings a whole new meaning to "picking your nose". sigh.


Kath said...

Just realised where I had read this before LOL!! As I said before.You should have blown your nose with the bag haaaaaa .Have a great day.Safe journeys.xx

Barb said...

Thanks, honey. I really needed this today. I love Kath's comment. LOL
Love ya.