Sunday, July 31, 2011


Flowery poetry, words passed on

Friendship’s garden lovingly grown

Each new soul brings new birth

Each one has their own worth

Secrets told, memories shared

Pretenses born, as if they cared

One believes in the other’s word

Glad to be able to be heard

Bond seems strong, friendship grows

Deceit begins, but no one knows

Then one day, you know not why

The friendship ends, with no goodbye

It is then you see that all along

Their belief in you was never strong

Behind your back they scoffed and laughed

And probably told others they thought you daft

So sad that friendships end this way

Causing tears to form as down I lay

Too bad they felt I was not true

For lying is something I never do

I have to answer to God above

And He wants me.. others to love

Not spread untruth or be deceitful

But for each friend to be ever grateful

So the murder of a friendship I do mourn

And hope to heal a heart that’s torn

May God grant them love and peace

And help their bitter words to cease



Jimmy's Journal said...

Well said and succint. I's a shame that some things happen exactly as you wrote.....


Sybil said...

Excellent..and as Jimmy says so true at times. Me thinks you are writing that straight from your own experiences..
God Bless...great to see you again,
much love Sybil xx

ADB said...

I'm pleased you've written down this piece, Regina. It is a recognisable sequence of events, with which we are all familiar. I hope this helps you to leave this upsetting episode behind you, and invest time and effort in those that DO matter in your life.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sorry that you are experiencing such a loss. I too am going through this now.
Thanks for sharing