Wednesday, April 28, 2010


thanks to guido, for making a comment on my blog, i decided it was time to come over here and update all of you. i have been away from my blog since Easter, and have been quite busy. i have been undergoing testing for some health concerns that i have. some are serious, some are just things that accompany "old age". i have not gotten the test results back yet, so have no idea what i have or how severe. but keep me in your prayers, and your thoughts.............thank you.

i have been quite busy on the poetry site i joined in november of 2008. i was named an administrator of the site, which keeps me quite busy. i have had one of my poems published in a new publication, MOON'S EYE MAGAZINE, and the current issue includes one of my photographs as a background page for several works of other poets. i never realized that joining the site could be so much fun, and would get me published and recognized. believe me, i am a mere novice at both poetry and photography, but am truly enjoying both.

i have included a couple of the works i have done and will post more in subsequent entries. if you notice the copyright dates, most were written before i joined the poetry site, but were "tweaked" and "matted" after joining the site. i hope you will enjoy them............


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