Sunday, August 16, 2009


well, i guess most of you figured i had lost my way back to blogger-land. i sorta did, but you know what? i followed those moldy old breadcrumbs and they led me right back here.

i have been remiss in my duties as a hostess here on my blog.....for that i apologize. i have gotten so wrapped up in my POETRY SITE life, as well as my personal life (yep, i do have one), i just plain got too tired to try to keep up this blog. i hope i can be back here on a more regular basis, keeping up with the friends i made here so long ago.

i have been named an assistant administrator on the poetry site, and that keeps me fairly busy. i also recently won NOSTALGIAN OF THE MONTH for the month of July, and won a nice $25 gift certificate to while shopping, i realized i had never made it out of the jewelry dept. of the site, so this is what i chose for my purchase...................

i even have some money left over on my gift certificate. i really enjoy being on the poetry site, and have met many truly talented people. my most recent "poetry crush" is a man from spain. his words are truly inspirational, as well as true to today's "human condition". i have always had such a love for poetry, and that is why i feel so at home there on the site. i have only had a couple of people who feel they have to spend their time criticizing others works, and i have more or less put them in their place, telling them to take their criticism or even their "helpful hints" to a more private forum. i am hoping that soon i will be able to publish a book of my own poetry. i also would like to work with several others on the site to publish a book of collaborative poetry.

i have also had a hayday shopping at j.c. penney. i get these $10 coupons where you can buy anything in the store that is $10 or more and get $10 off. so far, with the accumulation of several coupons, and with a huge sale with additonal discounts, i have gotten the following:

1 blouse = 85 cents (regularly $70)
1 blouse = free (regularly $65)
1 oven mitt = $1.20 (regularly $8) (had to purchase something else to get the blouse)
1 sterling silver bracelet = free (regularly $28)
1 22-inch sterling silver rope chain = $4 (regularly $80)
1 sterling silver cross with 5 centered cubic zirconia stones = $3.20 (regularly $85)

6 items worth $336 for under $10!!!!!!

i have lost a total of 30 pounds since may, but i am floating back and forth on 2 of those pounds. i think it must be water least that is my story, and i am sticking to it, lol. i am still not dieting, but watching how much i eat, and still parking furthest away from a store and walking, not picking up stray candies in dishes at retail stores, and not preparing more than one helping for my home meals. i am also traveling some, like to savannah, and augusta, and not eating all the local foods when i do eat. the fresh salt air seems to help me get my head clear and my body detoxified.

my daughter, the insurance agent, saved me a bundle on my auto/renter's insurance package. i am paying $20 a month less for full coverage auto,
and renter's insurance than i did on my old coverage for just minimum auto coverage. she went to classes this past week to get another insurance license and takes the exam on tuesday...........i am praying she passes the test. i am so proud of her.

work is the same......the 2 wicked witches keep casting their evil spells on the rest of us, and we keep trudging on toward some unseen goal. we recently had a problem with our paychecks and i received a check for 81 cents (thank goodness i got another one the next day for the rest, lol).

my landlord has been leaving me alone.....for the last 2 months or so. i found out why...he is running for office again, and is campaigning.....i hear no one is running against him. i sorta hope he wins, so that he will have plenty of work to keep him busy and out of my hair......

coatie, my kitty, is doing fine. fat and sassy.....well, mostly fat and lazy, lol. i brought her a new baby blanket home from work (a blue microfiber blanket.....soooooo soft) and she won't get off it, lol. the outdoor kitties come and go. i don't feed them much anymore. fluffy had a litter of kittens on the side of the house and the caretaker was weed-eating and scared her. while trying to move them, she dropped the 2 black ones off in the yard and they almost died. i think they were sick anyway, due to the bloody residue next to their little hineys. the other one was somehow tangled up in a root and its little foot was purple and almost gone. i massaged the foot till i got the blood flowing, and it regained its color. fluffy moved them the next day, so i have no idea if they survived or not. gray is till limping, and her foot looks really bad. but she won't let me catch her.

i have finally gotten over the bronchitis i had for almost 3 months. i still cough up my morning hairballs for about an hour, then i am set for the day. of course, yesterday i felt a cold coming on. sneezing, itching/watering eyes. never ends.

i appreciate those of you who have stuck it out with me. and to the new folks who have joined me, thank you too. i will try very hard to keep posting here as well as on my poetry site.

everyone have a blessed week next week...................



Sybil said...

Well well well, here was I thinking I would have to send for a broomstick to get over to you to see how you were...Glad to see you are ok. and enjoying your poetry..I am so happy for you that you have found like minded friends.. But please don;t forget us old friends
Love Sybil x

Jeannette said...

So glad to see you back posting, here in the community where it all started. I agree with Sybil, do not forget your old friends. That is a beautiful piece of jewellery, I love it. I seem to remember that you made jewellery yourself?

You got some good bargains there.

Nelishia said...

I'm still here too!
I've lost 12 pounds this past week through watching what I eat, and walking, and drinking tons of water.
I've got a long road ahead of me though but that's a big step.
Those deals you got on those sales are amazing.
I wish those wicked witches would hop a broom and go cackle in somebody else's store.
I'd love a link to your poetry site. I haven't written in several years but I think I'd be inspired.
I love that piece of jewelry. So pretty.
I'm glad you saved those sweet kittens. I hope they made it.
Hopefully your landlord will become REALLY busy.
And I hope you avoid a cold or whatever you seem to be exchanging the bronchitis for.
Feel better soon and glad to see you posted something.

Paula said...

I was just wondering aobut you last night. Good to hear from you and happy you are doing well. The necklace is very pretty and you really got some good bargains.

Lisa said...

It is good to see you here and catch up on all the happenings in your life. It seems like you've really found a home on the poetry site. I guess there are critics everywhere! My gosh you really know how to get a bargain!!!

Anonymous said...
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